A teacher professional learning day originally scheduled for Friday, November 7th has been moved to Tuesday, November 4th. There will be NO SCHOOL on the 4th (election day) but classes WILL take place on the 7th. 

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With 2nd quarter now under way I wanted to get some important information and reminders out to all the parents.

Feel free to contact the office if you have any questions about any of this information. (636-296-5707)

 1. Thursday (10/30) is the final turn in for our school magazine and photo book fundraiser. We have already been able to donate 21 chickens to children who are in desperate need of food and good nutrition. It is awesome to be a part of something that helps SMS while also helping others on the other side of the world.


2. All report cards that were not picked up at parent/teacher conferences will be coming home with the students Wednesday, October, 29th.


3. Just a reminder that the PD day that was scheduled for Nov. 7th has been moved to Tuesday, November 4th so there will be no school on the 4th, but we will now have school on Thursday, November 7th.


4. There should be no students staying after school unless they are involved in a sport, practice, or are meeting with a teacher. Many students are hanging out in the hallways after hours and there is no supervision. All students unless staying for a specific reason with a specific staff member should either be boarding a bus, have parent pick up or be walking. Thank you for helping us out with this.


5. Starting on Monday, November 17th the middle school will be releasing for the buses in the afternoon at the same time as the high school which is 2:25. We are hoping changing the release time to match the high school will help with the traffic as well as get the buses to their next routes in a more timely fashion. Attached to this email is the new bus lay out that we will be going over with students several times between now and November 17th. We will also have posters of the lay out in the cafeteria so students can begin checking where their bus will now be parked. In order to do this buses will now be parked along the back bus road that leads from the high school to the middle school. We will have 7 principals on duty at the buses, as well as teachers that are assigned to that duty to help facilitate this change. This does not change the start time of the school day which will remain at 7:24, but the last bell will now ring for dismissal at 2:25. This means that all students will be released at 2:25 whether they are walking, riding a bus, or parent pick up.


6. Perfect attendance incentive for November will be frozen icees for any student with perfect attendance!

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Dr. Tammy Cardona 
Mr. Kolin Peterson



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