Cadet Band
Cadet Band is the entry level concert band.  This ensemble is open to both beginning and experienced students.  The group performs in 2 concerts (one each semester) and has the possibility of a festival 
Junior Varsity Band
Junior Varsity Band is the intermediate level concert band.  This ensemble is made up of students who have a firm grasp on the workings of their instrument, and are able to create a clear, balanced tone.  The group performs in 2 concerts (one each semester) and attends at least one festival in the spring.
Varsity Band
Varsity Band is the advanced level concert band.  This competitive group is comprised of students who exhibit high levels of ability on their instrument, apply musical concepts quickly, and are able to take constructive criticism to continually push towards excellence as both an individual and a group.  The ensemble performs in several concerts, parades, and festivals throughout the year, and represents SMS at the Music in the Parks Festival in Kansas City in the spring.  Acceptance is through audition only.
This ensemble is comprised of students who play saxophone, trumpet, trombone, percussion, piano, bass guitar, and guitar.  Due to limited instrumentation, acceptance is audition based.  Jazz Gold performs in several concerts, some school events, several festivals, and represents SMS at the Music in the Parks Festival in Kansas City in the spring.
 Seckman Middle School offers 6 performing ensembles –  All choir classes are year-long.
6th Grade Mixed Choir
This is a mixed male/female choir that meets all year long to get students involved in the music program at Seckman Middle School. All levels of singing ability are welcome to be a part of the mixed choir.
Advanced Women’s Choir
Advanced Women’s Choir is the intermediate level all-female choir.  This group performs at 2 concerts (one each semester) and works on applying music fundamentals to create a full choral sound.
Treble Choir
Treble Choir is the advanced all-female choir.  This ensemble performs 2 concerts and participates in 2 festivals in the spring.  Acceptance is audition based.
Men’s Choir
Men’s Choir is the beginning level all-male choir.  This group performs at 2 concerts (one each semester) and works on creating a strong foundation in music and singing.
Concert Choir
Concert Choir is the premier vocal ensemble at SMS.  Comprised of 16 boys and 16 girls, this competitive group performs at multiple school and community events, several concerts, participates in a variety of festivals and honor groups, and represents SMS at the Music in the Parks Festival in Kansas City in the spring.  Acceptance is through audition only.

If you have any questions about the SMS Music Program, please contact one of the directors and we will be more than happy to speak with you.  We are excited about the opportunity to work with your student, and hope to see as many as possible join us in our tradition of fun, hard work, and excellence.

Mr. Joe Simino – SMS Band Director Mrs. Rachel Wohlers – SMS Choir Director
[email protected]  [email protected]

INTRAMURALS:  Students have the opportunity to stay after school one day a week for 5-6 weeks and participate in basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track tournaments against the other middle schools in the district. 

Archery Club: Yes!!! We are back!!! SMS Archery will be starting October 7th after school from 3pm-5pm. We will meet on Thursdays in October with team tryouts on Oct. 28th. If you are interested in Archer and want to have fun with your friends, come join the club and try out for the SMS Archery! Pick up a permission form in the office or see Mr. Sattley or Mr. Reed. 

Intramural Soccer: Soccer Intramurals will start soon! Each grade level is eligible to play at Seckman High School on March 22nd. For more info on practices and tryouts the week of February 22nd, contact the coaches, Mr. Perry at [email protected]  or Mrs. Ringkamp at [email protected].

If you have any questions, reach out to our coaches, Ms. Graves (girls) [email protected] or Mr. Ehlmann (boys) [email protected]

POMS(Dance Squad):  The SMS Dance Team is a group of talented dancers here at SMS.  They perform at the middle school intramural championships and school assemblies.  This group of dancers helps to promote school spirit at SMS.  They practice every Friday from 2:45pm until 4:15pm starting September 17th!  Everyone is encouraged to come show their talent, even if you have no prior dance experience.  If you have any questions, reach out to our coach, Ms. Scott at [email protected]

CHEERLEADING:  SMS cheerleading is a fantastic after school activity that builds teamwork and helps prepare the students for high school cheerleading.  SMS cheer combines the elements of dance, cheer, and stunts to create routines for all of the intramural games and assemblies.  SMS cheer builds school spirit and supports all of the teams associated with SMS.  Cheer meets once a week to practice.  Mrs. Duepner and Mrs. Debold are the activity sponsors. [email protected] and [email protected]

GAMING CLUB: Do you want to learn games that will test your ability to strategize and stimulate your mind? Join the Gaming Club! Students will engage in Card/Board games that challenge their strategic skills. Games being played will include Pokemon, Yu-gi-oh, Magic, Chess, Pathfinders, Settlers of Catan, and more! There are NO electronic games allowed in Gaming Club. We want to teach kids to interact without their phones. Games teach students to settle conflicts, how to take turns, how to have patience, and how to interact appropriately. First meeting will be Thursday, November 4th from 3pm to 4pm. If you have any questions feel free to contact Mrs. Wason at [email protected] or Ms. Willard at [email protected] 

RUNNING CLUB:  Running club is a group of students who wants to further the progress that was made during the cross country season.  The middle school students run with high school students under the supervision of the middle school or high school coach.  The focus of the program is less on competition and more on the benefit and love of running.  It is also open to those students who would like to explore running for next season.  Mrs. Heine and Mr. Martin are the club sponsors.

CROSS COUNTRY:  Cross Country is a sport for both boys and girls and focuses on races ranging from 1.5 to 1.8 miles.  The philosophy is to develop young adults into fit, competitive runners while maintaining positive attitudes with strong regard for citizenship.  Cross country is the only MSHSAA sport offered at this level, and practices usually begin the first week of school and our last meet is usually at the end of October.  Cross country participates in 5-7 meets a season with other area schools.  Mrs. Heine and Mr. Martin are the activity sponsors.

PRIDE CLUB: SMS Pride is a student-led group that promotes respect, inclusion and affirmation of the diverse community at Seckman Middle School. The club meets monthly to discuss issues students are facing and provides a supportive community of allies and advocates for all. We also work to provide our community with education around many topics that affect our world today. All SMS students/ staff are welcome to join us each month! If you have questions, please contact Ms. Brakemeyer (room 15).

SECKMAN HONOR SOCIETY:  The SMS honor society is selected from the student body based on five criteria:  citizenship, service, leadership, scholarship and character.  The chapter works on different community service projects throughout the year.

The following are the criteria and process for selection into SMS honor society:

Students must have a 3.75 GPA or higher on their 1st semester report card.

  • All students meeting the above academic requirement will receive an application.
  • Teachers will be given a 5 point survey/questionnaire for student evaluation on a student’s character.
  • Teachers should include comments on the questionnaire/survey with evidence that reveals proof when a student scores below 3 points in any area.
  • There will be a 5 member selection committee.
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